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When most of us hear about a Point-of-Sale (POS) system, we automatically envision a tool that scans a barcode, processes payments, and spits out a sales report at the end of the day. This is to say, we often only consider it as a glorified calculator to process transactions.

But what if your POS system could do much more for your business?

At TechPOS, we have always dreamed big, which means thinking about a POS system that can improve customer loyalty, increase sales, help with business administration, and scale. Here’s how.

1. Improve Customer Service

No matter what industry you serve, customers want easy, streamlined service and speedy checkout. So, at the bare minimum, your POS system must provide these basic benefits.

But of course, in cannabis, customers also want detailed product information about the cannabinoid and terpene profile and serving size. Customers also love recommendations and a unique in-store experience.

Which is why we love the Express Checkout option within our total POS solution. A fully integrated kiosk not only improves wait times during peak times in your store but also serves up helpful information and recommendations. Plus, it has the same user experience as the website, so there is no need for customers or budtenders to learn a totally new system.

Plus, it’s a unique and memorable experience you won’t find at every cannabis store.

2. Store Management

As you’ve likely discovered, many different and disparate systems are required to run a cannabis store in Canada. 

First, you need the hardware to process transactions. Then it would help if you had software to meet compliance reporting requirements. And what about a tool for staff scheduling and another for inventory tracking?

These are interrelated pieces to a larger puzzle. All pieces need to share information and work together to help you get better insights into the profitability and efficiency of your business. 

So why not roll disparate pieces into one? Our Cannabis POS system is an all-in-one ecosystem designed to manage your store from a straightforward dashboard. You can manage inventory and staff levels. You can oversee cash flow. You can even create promotions from a central location. 

Did we mention you can also generate more than 50 different reports at the touch of a button?

Perhaps even more critically, any changes you roll out automatically update everywhere that matters. That means no duplication, and no additional data entry is required.

3. Scale Your Business

Planning on opening a second, third, or fourth retail store? Or perhaps you’re thinking about branching out into eCommerce? A POS system should scale with you, making it simple to add new tills, new locations, and new sales channels.

The good news is that we’ve engineered TechPOS to help grow your business. We simplify inventory management, even across multiple locations. Our system promises inventory synchronicity and accuracy, even when simultaneously selling online and off.

4. Increase Sales 

There are only so many ways a cannabis store can convince customers to buy more — after all, there are substantial restrictions on advertising out-of-store. So most marketing has to happen in-store through signage or the budtender.

So let’s start with signage. Traditional signage gets a message across, but it’s both time-consuming and expensive to swap out constantly. It’s also stagnant, and many customers simply tune it out these days.

But did you know digital signage can increase sales by 29.5 percent because it’s dynamic, eye-catching, and always fresh? It’s why we added it to the TechPOS technology bundle. 

Not only can you display a real-time product inventory, you can also swap out sales and promotions at the click of a button.

Also, upselling at the till is only as good as the budtender behind it. Even if every budtender is well-intentioned, not all your staff will have the same sales-driven approach to their job as you’d hope. 

The TechPOS dashboard also adds sales combos right onto the home screen. The details stay front and center, to helpfully remind the budtender throughout the day of opportunities to upsell customers.

Need help marketing? One way that Canadian retailers can legally reach their customers is through text and email marketing. The TechPOS solution integrates with your customer database to help you make the most of your marketing campaigns. 

Our Express Checkout and eCommerce solutions offer automated and relevant recommendations during the checkout process. This takes the onus off your budtenders and ensures you get an upsell on every purchase, even at a kiosk or online. 

5. Stay Compliant

Cannabis businesses are held to a much greater standard than non-regulated industries in Canada. There are strict and arduous reporting requirements, specifically regarding inventory movement. 

It’s not just about reporting the opening and closing inventory of every item in your store and in storage. You have to keep meticulous daily records on returns, purchases, transfers, destructions, losses, and shipments.

If you have been working with an auxiliary reporting system, you’ll already know how frustrating it is to run the numbers from your POS system and then reconcile them with another. Again, you’ll waste so much time transferring data from one place to another.

Avoid all the tedious duplicate data entry work with an all-in-one system. The TechPOS solution automates the report preparation process, reducing the hourly expense and the risk of error.

Your POS System Can — and Should — Do More

If your POS system is making your job harder, it’s time for a change. As we’ve hopefully made clear by now, your POS system should be an integral aspect of how you manage your cannabis retail business, not just a glorified calculator. We are always working on adding more functions with the feedback from our customers, and when it comes to compliance reporting always fix 

From managing staff schedules to creating compliance reports to upselling at checkout, let our POS total solution make your business run efficiently and profitably. Book a demo today.