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Store Management and Cannabis POS

The TechPOS store management solution is a Canadian Cannabis specific POS software that is designed to streamline all your business processes.

  • Easily consolidate & manage all your retail channels in a single core interface
  • Access all business insights and store data through the web-based solution at any place and any time
  • Centralized multi-location/branch architecture
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Express Checkout

Enhance your customers’ shopping experience with the fully integrated Express Checkout feature.

  • Offer customers the option to place their own orders in-store
  • Maintain a busy store and long lineups with the express checkout devices
  • Allow customers to browse through your product list at their own pace without assistance from a budtender
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Smart Digital Signage

Display all your products digitally with ease and allow customers to access a full product list.

  • Full access to product information
  • Save time for your budtenders by minimizing customer inquiries
  • Update all product details in real time directly through the system
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E-Commerce Solutions

Sync your Cannabis retail stores digitally and allow your customers to access your live inventory anywhere at their own convenience.

  • Utilize the fully integrated TechPOS shopping cart with full ownership and protection of your customer and store data
  • Boost your revenue by extending your store to the digital world
  • Accommodate to your customers by bringing the shopping experience to the comfort of their own home with your store’s online website
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TechPOS knows your data and speaks your language, so you can ask big questions, literally, and we can solve them together.

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