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Simple enough for single-stores to adopt,
but powerful enough to run entire chains.

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We started a small retail business last year and after a dismal experience with another POS company, we signed on with Tech POS. Smartest thing we could have done. TechPOS is second to none for customer service and equipment, and an application that is well suited to our industry. We have no hesitation when it comes to offering our comments in support of this fine company and its leadership.

Simon ReeveOwner, Oceanside C Weed

TechPOS is lightyears above the rest! Their customer success, onboarding, support, and account management teams are exceptional and bring a powerful balance of humanness and expertise to every interaction. Prior to opening our store, we attended at least 3 demos of several POS companies and the overall impression was that they all offered a basic package at outrageous fees. Any additional features that were available came with a price-tag, which is a complete rip-off. Fortunately, we booked a demo with TechPOS and were blown away by about all the features their system offered, and they were more competitively priced than any other company. With the Multi-Location Bundle that included zero onboarding fees along and access to special pricing on hardware, the POS package was a true premium one-stop-solution. This was the driving factor to our decision that TechPOS would be the right fit for us. After almost a year of working with TechPOS, we really appreciate the service received by the company, especially the POS integrations they have built with other market leaders. We have absolutely no complaints with their services.

Nirvana Budz sees tremendous value in our partnership with TechPOS and will continue to highly recommend them to other retail owners.

Dalgit MatharuOwner, Nirvana Budz

Still early days in our new cannabis stores, Inspired Cannabis Co., but I'm very happy with everything I've seen of TechPOS and great support through this learning curve. I own a number of pharmacies past 15 yrs so quite versed in other system offerings.

Serge BilnPresident, Inspired Cannabis Co.

Great POS System and amazing tech-support! Currently using this product at all my locations.

Puneet KaushikPresident, Nirvana Canna

TechPOS has been with us since day one - with reliable, helpful support and a impressively detailed and data-driven system that allows us to see and understand all aspects of our business in real-time, from any device, anywhere. Through the system's comprehensive and illustrative reports, we have been able to better manage our inventory, our staff, and our clientele. Setting up a business from the ground up is never easy - we have had some bumps along the way - but through it all TechPOS has been there to support us. Our stores are doing great. Our customers are happy. And our business is growing. As we plan our future, we know that TechPOS will play a valuable part in our journey.

Uday KrishnanPresident, Flowertown Cannabis

Very good company who basically treats you like family. Any problems they are always there ready to help and improve! Cant go wrong with them!

Ramjot VhullarOwner, Bud Mart Cannabis

We have been with clients of TechPOS since the beginning of our business. They are been very helpful to us in establishing our cannabis businesses in BC and Ontario. They have all the necessary technologies and components needed to achieve investors' goals in the market of retail cannabis. TechPOS provides continuous innovation and upgrades to meet the needs and demands of their customer. We are glad that we are part of their customer's group and we will continue to grow with them.

The local leaf Cannabis - SuthaDirector

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TechPOS knows your data and speaks your language, so you can ask big questions, literally, and we can solve them together.

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