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May 23, 2022 in Marketing Strategies, News

Cannabis Retail Trends: Customer Experience & Data Driven Insights

Inspired by our upcoming return to national cannabis events, including Lift&Co's upcoming Toronto 2022 Expo…
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May 9, 2022 in Educational, News

The Future for Edibles in Canada: Gummies, Drinks, and Regulatory Changes

As we prepare for our first live event in over two years, we’re taking time…
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April 26, 2022 in Educational, News

Recreational Cannabis is Here to Stay: Cannabis Retail in Canada, US

It's 2022, and there are currently only two countries in the world that have established…
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April 20, 2022 in Educational

The History of 420 & Why it Matters for Cannabis Retailers

With 420 just around the corner, you're probably already noticing a spike in sales as…
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April 19, 2022 in Marketing Strategies

3 Retail Services & Features You Need as a Cannabis Retailer

Shoppers are returning to stores en masse. Online shopping may have gotten us through the…
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March 15, 2022 in News

The Best Selling Cannabis Products and Other 2022 Trends in Canada

What are the best selling cannabis products in Canada right now? Do beverages outperform sublinguals?…
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March 11, 2022 in News

Budtender Education & Experiences: An Investment in Your Store

Tether's Budtender Appreciation Week is coming up from March 21st to 25th. This means there…
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March 9, 2022 in News

The Rise of Click and Collect Cannabis in Canada

Click and Collect services existed long before the initial COVID-19 lockdowns. Still, this approach to…
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March 7, 2022 in News

Ontario’s Cannabis Market: Where it Stands in 2022

It shouldn't come as a surprise — Canada's most populous province is also its largest…
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February 24, 2022 in News

2022 Predictions for the Canadian Cannabis Market

We are four years into the Canadian cannabis market, so what can we expect to…
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