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The rapidly growing nature of the cannabis industry has made it challenging for retailers to stand out from competitors. Notably, the constantly changing trends in the market are another common obstacle faced by cannabis retailers.

To help address these challenges, we provide customers with our Cannabis Analytics Add-On extension that serves as a budget planning tool to assist in creating a healthy inventory for your store. To ensure cannabis businesses thrive in this fast-changing market, this feature can be used to guide retailers in building a product list based on the top-selling products within your region while ensuring that you are staying within your budget.

Retailers can utilize this data to ensure that they are investing in the right products that people want to maximize their profit and boost their revenue. Over time, this Add-On will also start compiling a list of the top-selling products for your specific store, tailoring to your customer demographic.


Product Auto-Tag

The rise of this newly legalized industry means that there are many consumer demographics in the market. Whether it be a cannabis connoisseur or a newbie, keeping shoppers educated on your products is key to driving sales and maximizing stickiness. The more knowledge that consumers have of your cannabis goods, the more confident they are about what they want and what they like. In turn, the outcome of a good experience will help turn a one-time customer into a life-long advocate

The Product Auto Tag Add-On extension is one tool retailers can leverage to boost their customers’ product knowledge and save time for staff. This Add-On extension automates layouts to print details of items on display like name, price, and potency level of the product so that shoppers spend less time inquiring and more time buying. Customize the branding with the help of our design experts to print and display your Auto Tags anywhere in your business such as display cases or shelving units, allowing for instant access to necessary product information for your customers.

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