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With the growth of the digital age and a stronger reliance towards technology, data protection has become more critical for businesses than ever before. Notably, data ownership is one of the most crucial features for a successful business, and crucial for protecting all your store information. So pretty much, in the Internet world, data can basically be considered the new currency.

Given the importance of data, it’s essential to protect it like it’s gold. Especially since for your store, it pretty much is.

The Significance of Keeping Your Data Secure

It’s no surprise that data collection happens more frequently nowadays and unfortunately, it’s much easier for cyberhackers to access this information than you may think. With that being said, your store information is a highly valuable asset for your business, making it imperative to keep it protected. More specifically, having no security or protection makes it easier for cyber hackers to detect your web platform’s vulnerability for an easy attack. Of course, getting hacked is an issue for many obvious reasons however it is important to highlight the detrimental impact this may have towards your business. Generally speaking, not having full ownership of your data also makes it easier for this information to become accessible and fall into the wrong hands.

The Value of Your Data

Data protection is critical to protecting your cannabis retail store from many complications that can cause harm to your business. Examples of such information include customer traffic on your web platform, customer payment details, contact information, transactions, and more. Now, why is there such an emphasis on securing and owning this web data? Firstly, your customer information is key for the growth of your company, especially in the cannabis industry. Specifically, maintaining full ownership of your store’s data will prevent any third parties from gaining access to your customer details and using it to their advantage. In terms of securing your web data, this protection will also prevent such information from being collected and sold to other companies, including your competitors. As mentioned, your customer and store data should be treated like gold as it is a huge asset towards the success of your business. Essentially, the more people that have access to this information, the less valuable it becomes.


With TechPOS, the TechPOS Shopping Cart which is fully integrated with our POS software system ensures that you maintain full ownership of your sensitive data which is securely stored and protected with Microsoft Azure. So essentially, as one of the most globally trusted data security platforms, all of your store’s information will be fully protected and completely owned by you, preventing accessibility from anyone outside of your company.  Of course, full ownership of your data allows you to track key metrics to expand your store’s revenue and develop your business. Most importantly, it will also prevent the reproduction of various business aspects which would otherwise serve as a huge disadvantage for both the value of your data and consequently your dispensary.

On another note, since providing a secure platform for data protection is beneficial for your business, it also leads to a stronger trust bond with your customers. While data protection is important for your company, it serves as equal significance for your customers as well. In other words, owning and securing your store’s information will help prevent data breaches that will negatively impact your business the same way that it will ensure your customers that their information will be secured from issues such as fraud.

Benefits Web Security:

  • Protect and safeguard your business
  • Maintain ownership of sensitive data business information
  • Build customers’ trust with your company
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