#1 Cannabis POS and
Store Management System

POS for Cannabis Retail and Medical
Cash and Fraud Protection,
Prepetually Track Inventory in Real-Time,
Automated CRMFCR Reporting


Secure Payment Solution

We offer a wide range of industry-leading payment solutions
that are designed to help set your business up for success.
And it’s all backed by our 24/7 customer support.


Full Data Backup and Recovery

Smart Inventory, Proficient Reporting,
Full Integrated Accounting,
Secure Sales Reporting and Inventory Backup


Supported on Laptops and Tablets

A SaaS platform for Cannabis Medical and Non-Medical(Retail) Sales


Intuitive. Flexible. Fast

Industry Leader in Seed to Point-of-Sales Tracking


24/7 Technical Support

24/7 Technical Support


Whether it’s opening day or scaling for multiple locations, Tech POS is here to support your cannabis retail operations. Our reliable Cannabis POS and digital solutions are built to make complex operations simple, streamline your workflows, and grow your empire.

Store Management System and POS

A fully faceted management solution.

From securely recording member data, to employee hours, to products and individual sales. Our system will decrease wasted time and product, and increase profits.


Online Menu System

Allow customers to interact with you current stock.

The ability to rate, favorite and review products helps create a community around your brand. The customer can also create a list of items to reserve for future purchase/pick-up.


Multilevel inventory

Innovative four-tier inventory system.

Track all your products on every stage of their journey. We offer seed-to-sale tracking as well as the piece of mind that once your inventory is set up, very little maintenance is needed to perpetuate your business.


Campaign Management

Offer enticing discounts and promotions.

With a simple click, you can create a one-time or recurrent sale to your customer base. Easily applied to single products or entire categories of items. This allows you to move through your product and increase projected earnings.


Micro Cash Control

Every dollar accounted for.

With our fully integrated cash register, every dollar that goes in or out of your business is tracked with a “who, when and why” mentality.


E-mail Marketing

Quickly and easily reach your entire member-base.

With TechPOS you have the power to illuminate your campaigns and community events to every one of your registered members.


#1 Cannabis POS and Store Management System

TechPOS software is an invaluable utility built specifically for this industry: it's versatile, easy to use, and has everything your team needs to succeed.

Cannabis POS for Cannabis System Features

TechPOS ( POS Tailored for Cannabis ) is a state-of-the-art store management solution. This product is the only reliable solution in the market with 24/7 customer service which complies with government (Canada Revenue Agency) reporting, complies with Canadian Privacy Laws and Regulations, and it has full Data Backup and Restore to accelerate your transactions and order takings.

Tablet Friendly (Responsive)

TechPOS application is accessible from all portable devices such as Tablets offered by Apple, Android and Microsoft. Moreover, it is easy to configure. All the hardware devices can communicate wirelessly with no need of messy wires and cables to connect to your POS system.

Free Data Import

No matter which POS system you are currently using, we offer FREE Data Import without any interruptions to your business. Either your current POS system supports exporting your existing data or our data entry experts have to manually enter them to our system. This process increases the productivity of your business by continuing your day-to-day sales instead of allocating your staff to reenter the existing data.

CRA & Gov't Compliance

TechPOS system is using a novel engine to cover the business rules that CRA has regulated and governed per each province. The system captures the sales taxes to facilitate the process of filing GST collection.

TechPOS system is a pioneer in pursuing compliance procedures to ensure that recreational marijuana products can be tracked in the regulated market. This compliance is about tracking who has supplied the cannabis product to a particular store, which percentage was purchased by whom. In TechPOS, we call this compliance C-METRC (also referred to as METRC in some states in the USA).


We provide a fully integrated accounting system including processing bi-weekly Payroll for your staff with WorkSafeBC, CRA reporting, and remittances (GST, PST).

On-Site Training

Our certified training specialists have the knowledge and insight it takes to ensure that your investment in the POS system is backed by superior product and usability training, equipping you the full power of the TechPOS system.

Data Privacy Law & Security

Our Team ensure data privacy for all customers, patients and all records are kept confidential, protected by the Canadian Privacy Laws, Privacy Act, Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). These standards are fully supported by Microsoft Azure in their local Canadian data centers.

Data Recovery & Backup

It is crucial to back up your data regularly as this is the heart of your business. We offer regular data backups and restore to avoid any data loss in your business. To ensure that your data is stored in a safe location, look no further than our 100% guaranteed secure and encrypted data using latest Microsoft technologies.

24/7 Customer Service

We work hard to provide assistance to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dedicated team is here for you to troubleshoot any problems in person or remotely. With quick response times and friendly service, our customer care team is hard to beat.

Smart Inventory

Our inventory system is designed based on the architecture of warehouse systems that are capable of processing millions of transactions in real-time with no problem.

It has four levels of transfers which manage the products from the time it is arrived to the store to the time that is processed and is gone out of the store. It forecasts when to order items that are out of stock or the items that are frequently ordered using advanced machine learning techniques.

TechPOS Stations Installation in WestCanna

Successful Installation of 7 TechPOS Stations in WestCanna

See Our Case Studies

WestCanna Installation

They as a Vancouver Medical Cannabis Retailer are crafters and cultivators who believe in the healing and medicinal properties of marijuana. WestCanna offers a remarkable experience with a wide selection of herbal remedies for their customers.


Little Bud Installation

Is a premium Cannabis Retail Store located in the Fraser Valley offering the highest quality lab tested cannabis products and flowers!


Motocan Installation

Motacan Compassion Society is a non-profit society dedicated to MMAR/MMPR and Dr approved patients, along with educating and supporting other local charities and organizations.

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Supporting C-Metrc (Canadian Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance). C-Metrc is a web-based solution made up of a browser interface and a mobile application for both the industry and regulatory users. The back-end is a series of secure Web Services, Database and an API. Each regulatory body can decide whether to allow external systems the use of an API to pull data on a secure validated connection. Finally, the regulatory body can use the reporting engine to build adhoc reports based on their individual needs.
Data Protection Comply with Canadian Privacy Laws such as the Privacy Act, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Alberta Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), and British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (BC FIPPA). All these privacy laws aim to protect the privacy of individuals. In Microsoft Cloud Data Centers in Canada, their experts have assessed these privacy laws practices in risk, security, and incident management; access control; data integrity protection; and other areas relative to the recommendations from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, and have determined that the in-scope services are capable of meeting those recommendations (to learn more, please refer to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/trustcenter/privacy/we-set-and-adhere-to-stringent-standards#canadian_privacy_laws).
Data Backup and Recovery using Microsoft Azure and latest encrypted techniques to ensure the data is always accessible to the user granted with multi-factor authentication (MFA) process. MFA process ensures the data can be decrypted by the user who has been verified by 1) the usual username and password prompt and 2) the access code that was sent to the phone via text, or voice call.
Centralized Barcode Generator (CBG). CBG helps to track items through a very simple algorithm used by TechPOS clients. The generated barcode consists of store name, SKU number, product category, and product name.
24/7 Customer Service. One of the core values of TechPOS international is to ensure clients from government organizations to small businesses will receive 24/7 service from our staff. Customer satisfaction means product satisfaction to all of our team members.
Smart Inventory System (SIS) is a novel machine learning algorithm to forecast “what should be ordered when” in real-time. The algorithms is not only taking to account what is short from stock-level perspective, but also it is considering what is ordered more frequently.
Full Integrated Accounting System including Processing bi-weekly Payroll, WorkSafeBC and Source Deductions, Benefits and ROE, Government “Canada Revenue Agency” Reporting, Remittances (GST, PST), Maintaining General Ledgers, Preparing Financial, and Accounting Reports


$ 99

Per Month
24/7 Customer Service
Full Data Backup and Recovery.
Free Import of Data
Data Protection Comply with Canadian Privacy Laws
One Site Access Point (Store Only)
Regular Inventory System
No Integrated Accounting System
Barcode Reader
Regular Reporting System


$ 99

Per Month
24/7 Customer Service
Full Data Backup and Recovery
Free Import of Data
Data Protection Comply with Canadian Privacy Laws
Five Sites Access Points (Five Locations)
Smart Inventory System
Full Integrated Accounting System including:
Processing bi-weekly Payroll
WorkSafeBC and Source Deductions
Benefits and ROE
Government “Canada Revenue Agency” Reporting
Remittances (GST, PST)
Maintaining General Ledgers
Preparing Financial, and Accounting Reports
Barcode Reader and Barcode Generator
Full Reporting System


$ 99

Per Month

24/7 Customer Service
Full Data Backup and Recovery
Free Import of Data
Data Protection Comply with Canadian Privacy Laws
Two Sites Access Points (Store and Home)
Smart Inventory System
Regular Integrated Accounting System including:
Government “Canada Revenue Agency” Reporting
Remittances (GST, PST)
Barcode Reader and Barcode Generator
Regular Reporting System

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POS Built for the Cannabis Market

“We, as a Microsoft Partner, worked with a group of Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) to create a state-of-the-art Point-of-Sales (POS) system for cannabis businesses. TechPOS is the only reliable solution in the market with 24/7 customer service which complies with government (Canada Revenue Agency) reporting, complies with Canadian Privacy Laws and Regulations, and it has full Data Backup and Restore to accelerate your transactions and order takings.” – Amir Ahani, TechPOS