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A SaaS platform for Cannabis Medical
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TechPOS Products

Whether it’s opening day or scaling for multiple locations, TechPOS – Medical/Retail Cannabis POS is here to support your operations. Our reliable software and digital solutions are built to make complex operations simple, streamline your workflows, and grow your empire.

TechPOS icon POS

Store Management System and POS

A fully faceted management solution.

From securely recording member data, to employee hours, to products and individual sales. Our system will decrease wasted time and product, and increase profits.

TechPOS icon Order

Express Checkout

Allow customers to interact with you current stock.

The ability to rate, favorite and review products helps create a community around your brand. The customer can also create a list of items to reserve for future purchase/pick-up.

TechPOS icon digital signage

Digital Signage

Quickly and easily reach your entire member-base.

With TechPOS you have the power to illuminate your campaigns and community events to every one of your registered members.


TechPOS software is an invaluable utility built specifically for this industry: it's versatile, easy to use, and has everything your team needs to succeed.

TechPOS Store Management Solutions Features 

TechPOS ( POS Tailored for Cannabis ) is a state-of-the-art store management solution. This product is the only reliable solution in the market with dedicated customer service and complies with government (Canada Revenue Agency) reporting, complies with Canadian Privacy Laws and Regulations, and it has full Data Backup and Restore to accelerate your transactions and order takings.

Tablet Friendly (Responsive)

TechPOS application is accessible from all portable devices such as Tablets offered by Apple, Android and Microsoft.

Compliance Reports (CRMFCR and Tax)

TechPOS system is using a novel engine to cover the business rules that CRA has regulated and governed per each province.

Sales and Discount Management (USA Only)

Offer enticing discounts and promotions. With a simple click, you can create a one-time or recurrent sale to your customer base.

Branch Control

Ability to switch freely between all branches and see what is happening within each branch.

Employee Management (Clock In/Clock Out, and Schedule Creator)

We empower your business with a full suite of employee management tools.

Cash Management

Using our integrated cash drawer sensor and proprietary technologies.

Accounting Reports (Payroll)

Easily export your financial data in a format accepted by next to all accounting systems.

Snapshot Dashboard (Low Stock, Cash Flow, Average Sales, Top Performing Employees, Who is Working)

A brief report that is accessible from anywhere in the world from any device.

Vendor Management

We give you the facility to record all information on provincial and accessory vendors.

Payment Solutions

TechPOS can be integrated to all major payment solutions including Moneris, Global Payment, Elavon, etc.

Data Privacy Law & Security

Our Team ensure data privacy for all customers, patients and all records are kept confidential.

Multilevel Inventory

Our inventory system is designed based on the architecture of warehouse systems that are capable of processing millions of transactions in real-time with no problem.

POS Control (Seed-to-POS)

TechPOS proudly offers an absolute end-to-end tracking system, that will let you know where your product was grown.

PO Creation and Tracking

Our software makes it easy and quick to cut a Purchase Order and even easier to receive the product with zero errors.

Product Catalog

Separate from your inventory, this list holds all products you have sold or are planning on bringing into the store.

Store Insight Reports (Sales, Stock Levels, Employee Performance)

We have crafted Reports that instantly give you the insight and confidence to run your business efficiently.

Data Recovery & Backup

It is crucial to back up your data regularly as this is the heart of your business.

Express Checkout

During peak hours this tool can assist with long lines by providing a self-checkout system for experienced buyers.

Fraud Control

With our fully integrated cash register, every dollar that goes in or out of your business is tracked.

Digital Signage

An elegant solution to showing your live inventory to customers with all the information they need.

TechPOS Free Services

Installation (In-Store and Remote)

We offer free hardware installation nationwide.

Customer Service

We offer full customer service included with the subscription fee.

Data Import

If you are using another Digital POS System or have your own records.

Conversion Compensation

If you are transitioning from another POS or just having second thoughts, we offer two months of service to move your data.

Data Protection

TechPOS is partnered with Microsoft to bring you the highest level of data protection in North America.

Signing Incentive

If you sign a one year contract with TechPOS, we will supply one full set of hardware.

Software Updates

Frequently release new versions with new components or UI improvements


Ensure your leadership and sales employees only learn what they need to do their job efficiently.

Hardware Consult

TechPOS has a recommended hardware list, but it is not mandatory.

One-Month Trial

We have faith in our product, and to prove it, we offer a one month free trial with no contract or hidden fees.

TechPOS Stations Installation in WestCanna

Successful Installation of 7 TechPOS Stations in WestCanna

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Cannabis POS for dispensary

WestCanna Installation

They as a Vancouver Medical Cannabis Retailer are crafters and cultivators who believe in the healing and medicinal properties of marijuana. WestCanna offers a remarkable experience with a wide selection of herbal remedies for their customers.

Business Increase
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Stay connected and engaged with your customers by offering loyalty program, daily offers, recent campaigns, promotions and specials instantly.

Growing Businesses

This marketing tool allows you to reach large number of customers immediately and it is the most efficient way of relaying your message to them.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our professional Technical Support team will answer any questions you have and be available to remotely assist with any hardware/software issues you may have.

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Supporting C-Metrc (Canadian Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance). C-Metrc is a web-based solution made up of a browser interface and a mobile application for both the industry and regulatory users. The back-end is a series of secure Web Services, Database and an API. Each regulatory body can decide whether to allow external systems the use of an API to pull data on a secure validated connection. Finally, the regulatory body can use the reporting engine to build adhoc reports based on their individual needs.
Data Protection Comply with Canadian Privacy Laws such as the Privacy Act, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Alberta Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), and British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (BC FIPPA). All these privacy laws aim to protect the privacy of individuals. In Microsoft Cloud Data Centers in Canada, their experts have assessed these privacy laws practices in risk, security, and incident management; access control; data integrity protection; and other areas relative to the recommendations from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, and have determined that the in-scope services are capable of meeting those recommendations (to learn more, please refer to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/trustcenter/privacy/we-set-and-adhere-to-stringent-standards#canadian_privacy_laws).
Data Backup and Recovery using Microsoft Azure and latest encrypted techniques to ensure the data is always accessible to the user granted with multi-factor authentication (MFA) process. MFA process ensures the data can be decrypted by the user who has been verified by 1) the usual username and password prompt and 2) the access code that was sent to the phone via text, or voice call.
Centralized Barcode Generator (CBG). CBG helps to track items through a very simple algorithm used by TechPOS clients. The generated barcode consists of store name, SKU number, product category, and product name.
24/7 Customer Service. One of the core values of TechPOS international is to ensure clients from government organizations to small businesses will receive 24/7 service from our staff. Customer satisfaction means product satisfaction to all of our team members.
Smart Inventory System (SIS) is a novel machine learning algorithm to forecast “what should be ordered when” in real-time. The algorithms is not only taking to account what is short from stock-level perspective, but also it is considering what is ordered more frequently.
Full Integrated Accounting System including Processing bi-weekly Payroll, WorkSafeBC and Source Deductions, Benefits and ROE, Government “Canada Revenue Agency” Reporting, Remittances (GST, PST), Maintaining General Ledgers, Preparing Financial, and Accounting Reports

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POS Built for the Cannabis Market

“We, as a Microsoft Partner, worked with a group of Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) to create a state-of-the-art Point-of-Sales (POS) system for cannabis businesses. TechPOS is the only reliable solution in the market with dedicated customer service which also complies with government (Canada Revenue Agency) reporting, complies with Canadian Privacy Laws and Regulations, and it has full Data Backup and Restore to accelerate your transactions and order takings.” – Amir Ahani, TechPOS