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TechPOS Products

Whether it’s opening day or scaling for multiple locations, TechPOS (Cannabis POS) software solutions for Cannabis retail is here to streamline your cannabis store operations so that headache of managing your cannabis store is reduced. Our reliable software and digital solutions are built to make complex operations simple, streamline your workflows, and grow your business with our Cannabis POS products.

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Store Management and Cannabis POS

More than just a POS!
User-friendly | Robust

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Express Checkout

All products everywhere!
Online| In-store

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Smart Digital Signage

Display your products with ease!
Automated | Connected



Showcase Extensive Product Menu Online
Increase Online Sales


TechPOS  Benefits 

Improve Efficiency | Reduce Costs | Increase Revenue

Features designed for your cannabis retail!

TechPOS's Cannabis POS designed from ground up for Cannabis Retail stores and besides It is a state-of-the-art store management solution. furthermore, this product is the only reliable solution in the market with the dedicated customer service and support. The system fully complies with Canadian Federal and Provincial Regulations, and it stores the digital copy of all transactions in a very secure storage in land of Canada for 6 years.

Cannabis Point of Sale (POS)

Point of Sale is Heart of Your Cannabis Store.
Use an intuitive UI and fast POS to boost customer satisfaction!
User-friendly | Robust | Secure

Cannabis Inventory Management

Don’t loose Sight of Your Inventory
Keep a detailed record of your cannabis products as they enter and leave your cannabis store.

Cannabis Information Management

Deliver right product details to your customers
Centralize your information
Launch products faster

Staff Management

In order to operate a successful store, enough staff must be present. The TechPOS system handles clock-in and clock-out of employees.


The dashboard gathers, processes, sorts and summarizes all of the store’s data, while also allowing the manager to obtain an overview of staff, inventory, sales and performance in real-time.

Business Insights Report

Any retailer knows how vital it is to consistently improve the store’s profitability. The business insights report feature lets the manager find possible ways to increase revenue,

Government Reports

Health Canada has stipulated that all licensed cannabis activity—including sales, deliveries, and losses—must be recorded in the national Cannabis Tracking System (CTS). They require cannabis stores to submit this data as a report monthly.
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TechPOS’s Cannabis POS Free Services

Free Consultation for Hardware

By the nature of our business, we hold a wealth of knowledge about the cannabis retail industry. We estimate your store’s technology requirements for free. With our experience and based on the various store factors (size, location etc.), cannabis stores may need different hardware requirements. You don’t want to have huge line ups for your cashier to process the transactions

Free Staff Training

Free training for management team. Free training for staff and budtenders. Training sessions boost up the performance and improve the learning curve; as a result, we offer free training to our customers.

Software Updates without downtime

To ensure our customers don’t experience difficulties, the updates are done in periods where the system is not in use.


You’ll have the system up and running simply by plugging it into outlet. Our hardware set up is as simple as starting up your new computer. You’ll have the system up and running by plugging it into outlet. Although we believe TechPOS products are plug and play, we can walk you through the set-up to speed up the process.

Customer Support

We are here to answer your technical and generic questions at shortest time possible. As a customer-centric company, it is important for us to support our customers in every way that we can. You can reach us 24/7 to receive support!

TechPOS Software is a compliance-ready all-in-one solution

If you are very busy with finalizing store layout, ordering products for your inventory, hiring staff and more, start using using our compliance-ready all-in-one solution.

TechPOS Best-in-class Integrations

It’s great that the products are dynamically updated. I don’t want my staff to set up the digital signage every time we change our products.

OwnerThe Greenery Cannabis Boutique Ltd.

We have been using TechPOS systems since 2017 and we are very happy with their products, services and training. The system designed for Cannabis Retail Stores, so the learning curve for bud-tenders is almost nothing. Scan the products by barcode scanner to find, sell, or refund is very helpful feature hand-to-hand with generating custom barcode for our accessories.

OwnerMotacan Compassion Society

I am very impressed with their level of customer service, training and amazing features of their system. They have visited my store couple times and they have been always available for any questions or concerns that I have.

OwnerQuali Canna

We have used many POS systems and we always had many issues with our inventory and cash management. Since we started using TechPOS, we have almost no issue with our cash and inventory. The main advantage of TechPOS system is it has designed for cannabis retail shops. I am also very happy with the level of customer service that I have received from TechPOS either in-store or remote.

OwnerCoombs Cannabis

We have been using TechPOS system for our medical store for over 2 years. We asked for some customization and team of TechPOS implemented new features to fully cover our requirements. Their integrated scale with resolution of 2 decimal places and their price matrix of 0.5G, 1G, 3.5G, 7G, 14G is designed quite useful for our sales requirements.

OwnerClinique la Croix Verte