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At the rapid pace that the cannabis industry is growing, there are still many challenges that this market faces. Unfortunately, advertising restrictions can have a negative impact on cannabis retail stores however, there are several strategies and tactics that can help boost your business without breaking any rules.

Because of the advertising restrictions faced by the cannabis industry, it may seem difficult to effectively stand out from the rest. One of the key factors of cannabis marketing is ensuring that you can be differentiated from other cannabis retail stores. Rather than copying what your competitors are doing, make sure you stand out to your target audience. The goal is to not just be better than your competition but to be different.

Ensuring that your advertising message is reaching wide audiences will further help drive sales. Whether it be potential new customers or existing customers, the constant promotion of your ads will provide a larger opportunity to expand your customer base and consequently, boost your revenue.

Here are a few ways that you can effectively carry out a compliant marketing strategy:

  1. Incentivize
  • Incentivize customers with promotions such as campaigns and combos designed specifically by your brand for your consumers
  • Incentivize customers to learn more about products and entice them to make a purchase
  • Promotions will enable a sense that they will be getting a good deal, thus leading to a boost in revenue
  • Partnerships with other companies can also be used towards promos and giveaways that will entice consumers to not only make a purchase but also create exposure to your brand
  • Loyalty programs to reward your customers and entice them to keep purchasing from your store
  1. Strengthen customer relations
  • Customer loyalty is a key aspect of the success of your business
  • Create meaningful connections with customers coming in the door
  • Developing a strong sense of trust with a customer can open the door for upsells, larger basket sizes, and more
  • A solid customer base also leads to a reliable source of revenue from frequent visits
  1. Reviews
  • With a good loyal customer base, you can be assured to receive a solid source of positive reviews for your business
  • Imperatively, customer reviews are essential to growing your dispensary
  • Word of mouth and recommendations serve as a highly influential source of information that will drive traffic to your store

There are a variety of ways that you can get your business to stand out in a highly saturated and competitive market. The tricky part is not only being different from competitors to create a memorable brand for your target audience but also remaining compliant with the restrictions faced by the cannabis industry. While following your local regulations and guidelines, you can reach your store’s full potential by incentivizing customers with promotions, campaigns, and other deals, as well as by increasing customer retention by strengthening your loyal customer base.

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