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The accelerating growth rate of cannabis retail has called for the need for a reliable POS system that is compliant with the regulations of the industry. In addition, utilizing a cannabis-specific POS is key to running your business efficiently to enhance your revenue given the various challenges faced in the cannabis market.

TechPOS offers a fully integrated line of products that will not only streamline all business operations in your cannabis store while remaining completely compliant to the rules and regulations of cannabis retail, but our features will further increase your revenue by cutting costs and improving customer service.

Fully Compliant Cannabis POS

Our Cannabis POS System is a reliable solution that simplifies all your business operations with ease. TechPOS provides an integrated inventory management system that allows your staff to easily track your cannabis goods and remain compliant with your local regulations. Particularly, TechPOS’ software features that allow product monitoring ensures that your dispensary is following a First-in, First-out (FIFO) method to minimize any waste due to spoilage. Moreover, exact THC and CBD percentage tracking will further allow customers to shop for products based on the exact potency level. Coincidentally, your budtenders that provide useful recommendations based on specific potencies to provide a great and knowledgeable experience for customers. Additional tools that will streamline store processes include an updated product catalogue, a 30g limit alert, sale incentives including campaign and combos, and an integrated loyalty member feature that may allow you to launch soft-marketing to your customers.

Express Checkout

One of the fully integrated products offered by TechPOS is the Express Checkout feature, which is similar to the idea of self-service kiosks you see at grocery stores or fast-food chains. The idea here is simple: customers will place their orders on little tablets in your store, and your budtenders will prepare the items then the customer will pay for their order at the counter at pickup. By allowing customers to browse through your product list at their own pace as well as input their orders, saves your budtenders more time to be able to complete other tasks more efficiently. Additionally, with full integration, your staff can easily access all orders placed on these devices directly within your POS, thus streamlining the process of fulfilling customers’ orders effectively.


While TechPOS offers the  TechPOS Shopping Cart platform for your e-commerce solution, we are also integrated with other providers including Buddi and Dutchie. No matter which provider you decide to use, our system will make sure that you can easily update your product information for your customers shopping on your digital platform. Once again, our integrated line of products simplifies your store operations including handling online orders as your staff can access each order placed on your website directly through your POS. While TechPOS has a Queued Orders feature, our system seamlessly streamlines the management of all your online orders.

Digital Signage

The implementation of Cannabis specific Digital Signage screens in your dispensary is a beneficial aspect in many ways. Not only will it allow customers to browse through your product menu without having to inquire with your budtenders, but it will also allow you to provide real-time information about your cannabis goods. Importantly, with full integration to your POS, any updates such as price changes, stock adjustments, daily specials, and more, can be done right away with minimal effort. In addition, your digital signage screens can enable your budtenders to spend less time discussing basic product details, and more time engaging with patrons to enhance their experience at your dispensary.


In the fast-growing industry that is the cannabis market, it is important to ensure that you have all the right tools to maximize the success of your business. With TechPOS, our integrated products will help you streamline all your store operations which will save you time and boost your profit. Most importantly, our fully compliant POS system will help your dispensary run efficiently while completely following the local legal cannabis guidelines of your region.

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