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Luckily, cannabis has been more widely accepted both socially and legally. However, this particular industry differs from any typical retail sector due to the various regulations that must be followed. Notably, even one little breach of compliance with the cannabis regulations in your local region can cause you a fine or even a license suspension. Having a cannabis-specific POS system can help businesses in this market succeed with ease while also remaining fully compliant with the set restrictions within your area.

Here are a few ways that TechPOS can help boost your cannabis business:

Fully Integrated Inventory Management System 

The cannabis industry is a highly regulated market that requires managing products down to the exact gram. All the rules and legal guidelines that must be followed are some of the most challenging aspects faced by businesses in the cannabis sector. As mentioned, even one violation of the compliances can severely hurt your store. In the worst-case scenario, it can result in the loss of your license which in turn means shutting down your CRS. With the right POS software system, that is an issue that you won’t have to worry about. TechPOS offers a fully integrated and compliant POS solution that allows users to easily manage and track all of their inventory. In addition, our system provides an automated 30g limit alert at checkout to ensure that your budtenders are not exceeding that legal amount when selling products to customers. If an order has reached that amount, no additional goods will be able to be added to the cart. Having a fully integrated POS system not only helps you follow the legal guidelines applicable to your store, but will save you time and hassle by allowing you to manage your cannabis goods efficiently with ease.

Improving Customer Experience

A well-designed POS system for cannabis retailers not only provides the basic operational features, but rather addresses all the challenges faced by this particular market such as inventory management, weight-tracking, and importantly, customer retention. In any industry, customer retention is a key aspect of the success of a business. In the cannabis sector, reaching target audiences and growing a loyal customer base can be slightly more difficult due to legal restrictions such as advertising and loyalty point prizes. However, with the help of a cannabis-specific POS, you can enhance your customers’ shopping experience in many ways. TechPOS offers an Express Checkout feature that serves to manage long queues in your CRS. Consequently, our fully integrated products make the process of preparing online orders simple as budtenders can easily manage each order directly on the POS system. Maintaining long lineups in your cannabis retail store along with efficiently working staff with a helpful POS to reduce wait times can ensure a boost in patrons’ experience in your store. As a result, this can increase your customer retention by enabling a sense of loyalty as those with a pleasant visit to your business will be more likely to return in the future.

Budtender Skills

Part of a memorable visit at your cannabis retail store (CRS) includes the service received when in-store. A good POS designed for the cannabis industry will not only help your staff work efficiently to provide customers with a seamless experience, but it will also provide budtenders with features that will help their work performance. In a fast-growing industry where staff may frequently come and go, it is crucial to implement a user-friendly POS system to minimize the training process. Additionally, TechPOS provides product information available for staff to not only educate themselves but also help serve customers with any of their inquiries. With a good sense of knowledge about your cannabis goods, your staff will be able to provide suitable recommendations to each customer and increase basket size, thus boosting the revenue of your store.

Sale Incentives

Reaching your target audience is one thing, but customer retention is critical to improving your business and increasing revenue. One of the key ways to bring customers to your business is incentivizing your audience. TechPOS provides several integrated sale incentive features designed to drive sales for your business. Notably, you can create Campaigns and Combos directly within the system with ease. Not only will this encourage customers to take advantage of these deals and bring revenue to your business, but these are also helpful tactics to profit off dusty products. For example with the Combo feature, by pairing a popular selling item with an item that is close to expiring or has not been selling as well as you thought it would, you can likely get them moving out of your store much quicker by including them in a package deal.


The cannabis industry faces many more complications than the typical retail sector, thus making it crucial to implement a cannabis-specific POS that is well-designed for your CRS. With TechPOS, overcome these challenges seamlessly with a fully integrated system. More importantly, minimize the time being spent towards the work put in for following your local legal guidelines with an automated solution that will provide you with the necessary tools to ensure full compliance while also enhancing your business.

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