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For the past 2 years, many businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic resulting in a lot of adjustments especially in the retail service industry. While fairly new, the cannabis market has faced various restrictions that have now been lifted during these times such as the ability to offer delivery options to customers. Importantly, many provinces have considered dispensaries as an essential business, which has definitely served as a benefit to the industry in terms of its growth and success during the pandemic.

One of the biggest adjustments that we have had to face during this time are the stay-at-home orders. Given the new “normal” that had been set in place in these recent times, consumers have had to adapt to the digital world for their spending and purchases. Thankfully, with the reduce in limitations for cannabis retailers, the implementation of features such as online ordering and curbside pickup have helped businesses strive despite the challenges from the pandemic. Although times have slowly started to get back to how things were before with stores and other businesses opening again, the importance of your online platforms still remains. Ultimately, many patrons have accustomed to the online realm of retail and have even found more of a convenience with these flexible features, including the ability to shop from the comfort of their own home. Notably, for your customers who continue to make in-store purchases, it is also crucial to make them feel safe at your dispensary which entails following the health guidelines and regulations of your province.

How to Keep Your Business Growing During Covid-19: 

  • Up your web-platform game
  • Market your brand strategically while complying to the regulations of your province
  • Offer delivery and pickup services compliant to your local rules
  • Enhance your marketing and maintain connections with your customers
  • Ensure both your customers and staff feel safe in store
  • Manage long lineups and maintain social distancing in your dispensary


The TechPOS software can help you achieve these steps to maximize the growth and success of your cannabis retail store. With a reliant POS system that is fully integrated with various products such as E-Commerce and Express Checkout, you can automate your store operations seamlessly during these complicated times.



With our fully integrated TechPOS Shopping Cart, you can provide customers with a simple, easy-to-use web platform. An effective E-Commerce solution will also allow them to browse through your products at their own convenience and place online orders for delivery, in-store pickup, or curbside pickup, depending on your local regulations for cannabis retail. The TechPOS software also makes managing your web platform an easy process, allowing you to update your inventory information directly from the core system. Therefore, our reliable POS system will not only allow you to accurately manage your products, but you will also be able to provide your customers with an exact update of your inventory on your web platform. By providing customers with an easy e-commerce experience, you can drive more sales and boost revenue from your online channels.


In-Store Experience

Although online shopping might be one of the safer options during the pandemic, it is crucial to ensure both your staff and patrons feel safe when in your dispensary. Thus, it is important to establish and follow the health guidelines and regulations within your local region. Examples include, managing your queues to avoid crowded lines in your store, maintaining social distancing with stickers to represent the safe distance between customers, providing hand sanitizer around your store, temperature checks for both staff and clients, and more. Providing these extra measures will not only make your staff and customers feel safe, but it will also ensure your business is following the correct protocol during the pandemic.

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