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Considering the rapid growth of the cannabis industry, it’s important to adjust to the ever-changing and upcoming market trends, and this can be done with the help of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Focusing solely on income to measure the success of your dispensary is a common mistake among businesses, so it is imperative to look at different KPIs to strategically reach your targeted goals and maximize your store’s success. Most importantly, these goals should be measurable in order to track your progress. The best way to do so is by using KPIs which provide insight into your business’ performance as they allow you to objectively measure your progress and achievements.

Benefits of KPIs: How They Can Help.

The most important part of setting goals to serve well for your business is ensuring that they can be measured, and that’s where KPIs come into play. With tangible goals, you can guide your employees to work towards a particular target while tracking their progress and achievements. Further, with the help of KPIs, you will be able to easily understand how well your dispensary is performing, or what needs to be improved to maximize your business success. First and foremost, you must ensure that you have recognized a particular issue or area of focus to create a goal. If there are certain areas that need enhancements, then KPIs can provide you with helpful data that can be used to make the necessary changes for your store to reach its full potential. For example, if you want to improve your customer sales, then you can refer to customer revenue-related KPIs to see what steps need to be taken to achieve this.

TechPOS provides cannabis retailers with not only a reliable POS system but also a Business Insights dashboard where you can view various data that pertains to the performance of your dispensary. On top of that, you can also access numerous reports that serve as tools to examine your business such as sales reports, employee reports, and more. These reports will show you various information such as what days of the week tend to be busiest in your store which can consequently help to boost your revenue by working on improving sales on slower days. Moreover, employee KPIs will let you know how effectively your staff are working in your dispensary.

More examples of KPIs include:

• Online search results
• Social media engagement
• Website visits
• Sell-through rate
• Sales revenue
• Employee sales per hour
• Inventory tracking

Overall, while tracking your store’s revenue is important, income alone is not enough to ensure that your business is performing at its full potential. It is equally critical to address areas of improvement, set tangible goals, and then refer to KPIs to measure your dispensary’s progress towards these said goals. In summary, these measures and metrics are key to monitoring the growth of your business while providing useful insights that will help make strategic decisions based on objective data.

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