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Obtaining a retail cannabis license is the first step to beginning your marijuana-based business in the Ontario province of Canada.  With so many cannabis license requirements, let’s take a look at what’s needed to ensure a smooth journey.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

The government entity that handles the cannabis licensing procedure in Ontario province is the AGCO, also known as the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. This entity is responsible for everything related to cannabis retail regulations, such as licensing procedures and the oversight of sales from licensed cannabis shops. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to begin.

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Retail Operator License

Before you can even think about opening a cannabis retail store, you’ll need to obtain a retail operator license. This license is the prerequisite to obtaining a retail store authorization (more on this later). To view requirements Retail Operator License, access the full article.

Retail Store Authorization

If you’ve moved past the first hurdle by obtaining a retail operator license, then you’re clear to apply for a retail store authorization permit.
It’s imperative that you understand that there is a list of Ontario municipalities that have “opted-in” and “opted-out” of allowing cannabis retail stores. It’s essential that you figure out where you’ll open your cannabis retail shop, as you may be disappointed if your preferred region doesn’t allow it. To view requirements and fees of retail Store Authorization, access the full article.

After Your Cannabis Retail License Has Been Approved

Now that the process of obtaining your cannabis retail license is behind you, the long process of inspections, retail store pre-authorizations, seals of approval, and retail reporting requirements are ahead. These requirements are necessary once you’ve begun your cannabis retail store.

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