Smart Digital Signage

  • Drive sales by showcasing your products digitally on screen
  • Provide important product information that is readily available for customers by category, mood, sales, and staff picks!
  • Display accurate data in real-time i.e. THC/CBD exact, batch/lot, pricing, etc.

Get Your Smart Digital Signage

I am very impressed with the level of customer service, training, and amazing features of their system. They even visited my store a couple of times and they have been always available after launching for any questions or concerns that I have. The staff is friendly and patient.

Quali CannaOwner

Engage Customers

Visual Product Display

Customize the look of your digital signage screens to match your brand, creating a cohesive retail experience

Use any screen for your digital signage display with our customized “plug-and-play” hardware

Increase Impulse Purchasing

Boost in-store sales through visual engagement.

Eliminate Costs

Eliminate unnecessary costs of keeping traditional signs, paper ads, and chalkboards etc. by going digital.

Increase Efficiency

Save time and boost efficiency with an automated product display.

Consistency and Accuracy

Communicate consistent and accurate information across all your sales channels.


Display product content either vertically or horizontally.


Display your product data in either a single column layout or a multi-column layout... and now, offering image-based Product Card View!

Rotating Screens:

Display multiple screens in a rotational interval sequence.

Configurable Background:

Customize the look of your digital signage background.


Manage multiple digital displays all from one software platform

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