Display your products

to engage customers

Increase Impulse Purchasing

Drive in-store sales through visual engagement and impulse purchasing

Go digital and save

Eliminate the cost and waste of keeping traditional signs, paper ads and chalkboards

Increase efficiency

Automate product displaying and realize the time savings it brings.

Be Consistent and Accurate

Communicate consistent and accurate information to your customers across all your sales channels.

Impress your customers

Showcase your products digitally to drive impulsive sales

Showcase your customers about your products based on categories and gram values.
Display Real-Time Data such as THC, CBD, and pricing all in real-time

Customized to your Brand

Customize the look and feel of the TechPOS Digital Signage to
match your branding to create a cohesive retail experience

Vertical / Horizontal Orientation:

Display content in either Horizontal or Vertical orientation.

Multi column and One-Column Layout:

Decide to choose data within 1 column or 2-column

Configurable Background:

Change your background as you need


Manage multiple digital displays from one software platform

Rotating Screens:

Display multiple screens through rotation

Your Digital Signage, managed

TechPOS makes it easy to manage your Digital Signage.
Simply update your information from one central location for all your digital signs.
Control your Digital Signage from Store Management and POS.


Centralize Product Information in One Place

Product prices are received directly from the TechPOS Store Management and POS and are updated immediately on the signage

Web-based Interface

Control what products to display right through TechPOS Store Management and POS

Synced Stock Levels

Product availability is retrieved automatically from the TechPOS Store Management and POS and is updated in real-time.

Get up and running fast

With our plug-and-play hardware turn any screen to digital signage

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