Store Management Solution and POS

A typical day for a cannabis retail manager often consists of managing many employees simultaneously, writing business and/or government reports, managing cash, ordering stock, handling schedules, and promotional roll-outs. Our mission is to facilitate cannabis store management through automation in various aspects and processes of cannabis retail.

With TechPOS Store Management and POS solution, automate these tasks, save time, boost efficiency and increase profit. At TechPOS, we have designed, developed, and implemented a solution that aims to achieve this mission.
Below is a list of features that TechPOS offers.

Cannabis Point of Sale

Point of Sale is Heart of Your Store

You staff spend most of their time with cannabis POS. Make it easy for them and fast for your cannabis customers!

User-friendly | Robust | Secure

Cannabis POS

Inventory Management

Don’t Lose Sight of your Inventory

Keep a detailed record of your cannabis products as they enter and leave your cannabis store.
An inventory system with all the cannabis compliances

Product Information Management (PIM)

Provide the Right Information to your Cannabis Customers

⦁ Store your products’ information in one place.
⦁ Access them using an intuitive portal.
⦁ Update them with ease.
⦁ Centralize your information.
⦁ Launch products faster.
⦁ Deliver the right product details to your customers.

Staff Management

Do more with Your Cannabis POS

Wouldn’t it be great to manage your staff along with your products, inventory and sales!
All-In-One Cannabis Solution
⦁ Schedule Staff
⦁ Clock-in/Clock-out and More!

More than just a POS


Immediate Insights on Your Store
TechPOS dashboard gathers, processes, sorts and summarizes all the store’s data in real time. It allows the manager to obtain an overview of staff, inventory, sales and performance in real-time.

Immediate Insights
Quick Decisions

Business Insights Report

Detailed Reports on Your Store
Observe trends in your cannabis store and empower decision making.
Strategic approach to cannabis store decisions

Detailed Insights
Right Decisions


Provincial & Federal Compliance
Is report preparation creating too much headache? Gathering this information manually is very tedious, time-consuming and prone to human errors.

Automate all there is about cannabis compliance
Secure your Licence & Save Time