Store Management System and POS


A typical day for a cannabis retail manager often consists of managing many employees simultaneously, writing business and/or government reports, managing cash, ordering stock, handling schedules, and promotional roll-outs. Our mission is to facilitate cannabis store management through automation in various aspects and processes of a cannabis retail.
With TechPOS Store Management and POS solution, automate these tasks, save time, boost efficiency and increase profit. At TechPOS, we have designed, developed, and implemented a solution that aims to achieve this mission.
Below is a list of features that TechPOS offers.

Point of sale (POS)

Point of Sale is the heart of our system, it’s were most of the customers spend their time and because of that we have designed a user-friendly, robust and secure system to serve our customers. Our POS system is fast and reliable, keeping track of employee usage, the number of times the till has been opened, and providing easy and quick check-outs for in-store customers. The embedded sensor in the cash register would track exactly who opened the register, when it was opened and how many times it was opened. This combined with sales records helps the store manager to detect suspicious activities.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the essential tools of any successful retail business. Our inventory management was inspired by the architecture of warehouse systems capable of seamlessly processing millions of real-time transactions. It supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and then to the POS, while also keeping a detailed record of each product as it enters of leaves the store.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Providing the correct information to customers is crucial; no cannabis retailer wants to misinform their customers. Whatever product information is displayed on the online store must match the information provided in-store through digital signage. To address this, different components of the TechPOS system communicate with the same source of product information in order to obtain accurate information for the customer.
For example, once a change is made to a product description in the TechPOS PIM, that change takes effect in the online store, the digital signage, and the POS. This ensures the customer always gets the most up-to-date product information possible.

Staff Management

In order to operate a successful store, enough staff must be present. The TechPOS system handles clock-in and clock-out of employees, and provides a calendar so that the store manager can better manage staff. Additionally, the dashboard allows the manager to easily see the current operating staff in-store.


TechPOS dashboard gathers, processes, sorts and summarizes all the store’s data, while also allowing the manager to obtain an overview of staff, inventory, sales and performance in real-time. It essentially allows for effective decision-making, which in turn leads to cutting costs, saving time, and improving efficiency for stores. Features offered in the dashboard include:
Summary of weekly and monthly transaction data. This includes the total number, dollar amount, and average amount of transactions.
Total sales
There are sales trends in every retail store that depend on many factors. The store manager can use this widget in order to plan for and better keep track of such trends.
Items Running Low
Here is a list of the products that are running low in inventory, allowing the manager to plan ahead of time and reorder products which are low in stock.
Top Performing Employees
Here the manager can see his top-performing employees and reward them accordingly.
Top Selling Products
Making sure that a store is profitable is important. Here the manager can monitor and track top-selling products.
Purchase Orders
Most of the time when an item is low in stock, a purchase order is submitted.
Today’s Cash Flow
This widget lists the latest transaction data that occurred today. It summarizes what product was sold and which employee completed the transaction on what station and at what time.
Current in-store Employees
This widget allows the manager to easily see the current operating staff in-store.

Business Insights Report

Any retailer knows how vital it is to consistently improve the store’s profitability. The business insights report feature lets the manager find possible ways to increase revenue, along with providing summaries of:

tax reports

annual and monthly sales

average employee sales

inventory levels

employee timesheets and total hours

transaction details

inventory levels

employee timesheets and total hours

transaction details

Governement Reports

Health Canada has stipulated that all licensed cannabis activity—including sales, deliveries, and losses—must be recorded in the national Cannabis Tracking System (CTS). They require cannabis stores to submit this data as a report monthly. Gathering this information manually is very tedious, time-consuming and prone to human errors.
To address the pain TechPOS has automated all the government report generation. Every single transaction made through the TechPOS point of sale is recorded in a compliance report, which is then automatically generated and integrated into the Cannabis Tracking System for each province.
This saves the retail store countless hours spent gathering inventory & sales data and eliminates the risk of potential human errors that could cost you your license.