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Operating a cannabis retail store takes grit and perseverance. Most crucially, it takes patience. Wading through the volumes of paperwork and red tape, interpreting the current legislation (not to mention pivoting for legislative updates) requires a particular temperament. We think cannabis retailers need all the help they can get.

Therefore, the tools and systems you put into place within your retail space should make your job easier – not harder.

That’s part of the mandate behind the TechPOS suite of services, making cannabis retail smooth for the customer and for the management. From the POS system to store management to digital signage and more, each service is specifically designed to smooth out wrinkles and soothe headaches. We are an entire ecosystem of products.

It’s all well and good to talk about how TechPOS has been helping retailers, but these are sweeping generalizations. Moreover,  it’s helpful to see specifics. Therefore, let’s get into it.

Here are just a few examples of how TechPOS is helping clients open, manage, and build successful cannabis retail stories.

1.’Weeding’ Through the Regulations on Your Behalf
TechPOS-POS Despensary

The logistical and bureaucratic differences between a corner store and a cannabis store are remarkable. Nobody needs to tell you that selling regulated products comes with a brand new set of challenges not experienced within a conventional retail setting.

Plus, as an emerging market, the regulations are constantly evolving. In the beginning, the Canadian government kept it relatively simple to start, but as of October 2019, edibles, topicals, and concentrates are rolling out.

With these new changes, you’ve got more to learn, new procedures to follow, and compliance measures to change. Is your POS system adaptable to these pivots?

As a cannabis retailer, the day to day is likely more concerning than evolving regulations. You aren’t alone if you’ve got staff-scheduling, training, accounts payable, and customer satisfaction all swirling around your head. Do you have time to read through legislation and updates.

So, TechPOS works with regulatory bodies to embed regulations, new and old, into the suite of software solutions. What does this mean for you? Changes to reporting, personal possession limits, or other minute changes are automatically baked into the TechPOS ecosystem.

Government reports, required for compliance, are instant and easy. One-click through the TechPOS dashboard and sales reports, inventory reports, and tax summaries are automatically generated. No calculators or mental math required.

As a retailer, changes to compliance or regulations are important, but on the ground, it’s hard to stay abreast of the latest developments. If you don’t have time to stay on top of the evolving legal landscape, you’ll need a software solution that does this automatically.

2. TechPOS is Not Just a Software. We are a Business Partner
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Its a growing adult-use market, and Canadian cannabis retailers are learning as they go. The market is new and is in constant metamorphosis. Because the adult-use market is so new, when issues do come up, you might not know who to ask. By the nature of our business, we hold a wealth of knowledge about the cannabis space. As a POS and software company, TechPOS is on the front lines, living and breathing this every day.

Chances are if you have a question, we may have an answer. It may be something we’ve experienced before. In this way, we consider ourselves a true business partner to our customers. Your concerns are also ours.

The customer service team at TechPOS is dedicated to supporting your retail location beyond the basic technical questions associated with a POS. From the store set up to staff management to digital signage, there are many areas we may be able to lend a hand or provide helpful advice. We can, at the very least, point you in the right direction.

Because we know the success of TechPOs comes through the success of our customers, we listen and take action when customers voice concerns or unmet needs. So, if you have a specialized report or new feature idea – let us know! TechPOS solutions is an ongoing evolution.

What other software company can claim to have developed and tested a customer suggested feature within 36 hours? We are always coming out with software updates.

3. It’s All About Automation and Integration
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Only 30 years ago, many small stores operated without advanced POS systems. Credit cards went through via manual entry, reports were meticulously compiled with pencil and calculator, and the end of day paperwork was prone to errors.

Today the world is a much different place thanks to automation and integration between various systems. Part of the mandate of the TechPOS suite of services is that they seamlessly integrate and speak to each other in the same universal language.

As only one example, if you need to update product information in the backend, you only need to do so once. That means from within a single product menu, you update price, quantity, or profile. These changes instantly spread through your network. Any digital signage, any online stores, and end of day reports will all reflect this one update.

Imagine how much time you and your staff will save simply through the reduction of data entry? Lower labor costs and lower risk of errors.

We feel that automation is imperative for inventory management. So, it shouldn’t be a paperwork nightmare to transfer products from one location to another. Purchase orders should be simple to upload into inventories. At a click of a button – your purchase order is uploaded, and your inventories updated. Both of these examples are seamless automatic solutions offered through TechPOS.

Just like iPhones don’t work well with Android phones, multiple systems within the same retail space can only bring headaches. TechPOS is focused on the integration of as many solutions as possible. it’s valuable to bring multiple technologies under one umbrella. Working within a single ecosystem, they all speak the same language, and transfer information without delay.

Separate systems mean more errors, more steps, and more headaches. The more systems built together, the better they work.

4. Insights into Your Business
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Part of the appeal of the TechPOS suite of solutions is the user-friendly dashboard. This is where business owners and staff members can see real-time information about the day’s sales, employee scheduling, and more.

The dashboard is a kick-off point. Want to know today’s sales numbers? Want to understand today’s hot ticket items? Start at the dashboard. Find quick snapshots of top-selling staff members and top-selling items all from the same screen.

On top of this, it’s also a place to see upcoming purchase orders, cash flow details, and more without having to filter through the back end of a POS system. It’s all readily displayed in a well-designed presentation.

For managers and owners, deeper insights come from a series of TechPOS Business Reports. On the staffing side of things, these include reports on sales by employee, scheduling, and employee hours. For sales, the TechPos system pulls together multiple options for sales summaries, including daily, monthly, and annual.

From inventory levels to staffing to tax numbers, TechPOS crunches the numbers through 16 different reports to keep you in the know about the health of the business.

An Automated and Integrated Solution, from a Company that Listens

What has your POS system done for you lately? Does it make your day easier and it stay up to date on compliance and regulatory changes? What about making scheduling a breeze?

We think that TechPOS offers more than just a basic point of sale. We’ve built an entire series of business solutions designed for the cannabis retailer. That means it pivots with new regulations, evolves based on input from customers, and makes reporting a snap. We are helping our customers by providing value-added services well beyond a point of sale.


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