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About Us

Our founders at TechPOS International Corp. observed the frustration of business owners whose needs were not being met by POS systems today. Software providers at the time were focused on industry and size specific solutions. They were not easily changed on the back end and simply ignored basic ‘cash register’ simplicity at the Point of Sale. To make matters worse, even after an enormous investment in such systems, most hardworking and responsible business owners were wasting days and weeks re-entering system data to different accounting products, or paying a high-priced CPA once a year to do the same.

That’s when we decided to invent something intuitive, flexible and fast – the TechPOS system. After much research, we set out to create a cloud-based system that could be accessible from any browser, so that the user could check sales data and run back-office tasks from wherever and whenever. Our vision was to create something that was easy to use, and do more than just process sales and accept payments, as they include time-saving features that help you analyze your sales data and manage your inventory, staff and customers. TechPOS is changing the way retailers do business — simplifying processes and making compliance effortless.

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