What TechPOS Customers Think About Our Services

“It’s great that the products are dynamically updated. I don’t want my staff to set up the digital signage every time we change our products.”

OwnerThe Greenery Cannabis Boutique Ltd.

“We have been using TechPOS systems since 2017 and we are very happy with their products, services and training. The system designed for Cannabis Retail Stores, so the learning curve for bud-tenders is almost nothing. Scan the products by barcode scanner to find, sell, or refund is very helpful feature hand-to-hand with generating custom barcode for our accessories. ”

OwnerMotacan Compassion Society


“We have used many POS systems and we always had many issues with our inventory and cash management. Since we started using TechPOS, we have almost no issue with our cash and inventory. The main advantage of TechPOS system is it has designed for cannabis retail shops. I am also very happy with the level of customer service that I have received from TechPOS either in-store or remote. ”

OwnerCoombs Cannabis

“We have been using TechPOS system for our medical store for over 2 years. We asked for some customization and team of TechPOS implemented new features to fully cover our requirements. Their integrated scale with resolution of 2 decimal places and their price matrix of 0.5G, 1G, 3.5G, 7G, 14G is designed quite useful for our sales requirements. ”

OwnerClinique la Croix Verte

“I am very impressed with their level of customer service, training and amazing features of their system. They have visited my store couple times and they have been always available for any questions or concerns that I have. ”

OwnerQuali Canna

“The system is very intuitive and it is very easy to use. My main concern was to generating federal report and complying with all regulations which this system comes with all these compliance requirements. Lastly, the integration to Quick-book has saved us lots of costs and efforts.”

OwnerThe Herbal Centre