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Licensees and employees must take reasonable measures to prevent disturbances. This means performing actions that are appropriate in the circumstances and within their capacity to do. Examples of reasonable measures include:

  • Installing adequate lighting outside the store and in the parking lot
  • Supervising parking areas
  • Posting signs asking patrons not to disturb the neighbours


Intoxicated Patrons

Licensees and employees must not let a person who is intoxicated (liquor, cannabis or other drugs), or exhibiting signs of intoxication, enter or remain in the store. Licensees and employees must refuse the intoxicated person service, request that they leave the store and ensure they depart safely.


Violent or Disorderly Conduct

Licensees and employees must not allow violent or disorderly conduct or unlawful activities to take place in the store. This includes behaviour that might cause a reasonable person to believe their safety is threatened. If a licensee or employee knows or suspects this kind of behaviour has taken place, is currently taking place, or may take place, they must notify a peace officer immediately.

A person who has been asked to leave or has been barred from entering the store must not return for at least 24 hours. If they return within 24 hours, notify a peace officer; they are committing an offence and may be arrested. Incident Log When an incident occurs in or adjacent to a retail store, the details must be recorded in an incident log. All incidents that adversely affect patrons, staff, people who live or work in adjacent buildings, or that affect the operation of the store must be recorded in the log and be available to an inspectors or peace officers. Examples of these incidents include:



  • Refusing entry at the door to a potentially troublesome person or anyone who is causing a disturbance
  • Refusing entry of an intoxicated person
  • Removing an intoxicated person
  • An injury or accident on the premises, including a fight
  • Any incidents where emergency personnel were called (police, fire, or ambulance)
  • Any illegal acts

An incident report should include key details such as the date, time and description of events, the parties involved, any action taken, and any relevant sales records. Other details such as the names of the employees on shift and witness accounts are also important.

The records in an incident log must be kept for at least six years.



Security Requirements in BC


A cannabis retail store must, at a minimum, have the following security requirements:

  1. Intruder and fire monitoring alarm systems
  2. Locked retail product display cases
  3. Locked cannabis storage room
  4. Secure perimeter door locks
  5. Security cameras with full unobstructed view of:
    1. the retail sales area
    2. any product storage area
    3. both the interior and exterior of all store entrances/exits.
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