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A licensee must have a written plan to direct employees about the disposal of non-medical cannabis that cannot be sold, including cannabis from smell jars. The non-medical cannabis must be altered or denatured to such an extent that its consumption and propagation are rendered impossible or improbable. For example, shredding a cannabis product into pieces, mixing it with water to turn it into sludge, and adding cat litter to control odor before disposal would be an effective means to destroy cannabis. After cannabis waste is rendered to a state that is unfit for human or animal consumption it can be disposed of by composting, or a landfill if composting is not available or feasible.

A licensee must keep a record of non-medical cannabis disposal that includes:

  • Date of disposal
  • Type of cannabis disposed
  • Amount of cannabis disposed
  • How it was rendered inconsumable
  • Where it was disposed
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