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Our Specialties

It helps with faster buying/selling procedure, as well as easy to find products anytime (24/7). Reach to more customers while they can easily select products from different providers without coming to the store. When they purchased any items, store can deliver it to them or customers can pick it up from there.

Compliance Reporting

We provide compliance reporting required by provincial government.

Tablet Friendly (Responsive)

TechPOS (POS for Dispensary) application is accessible from all portable devices such as Tablets offered by Apple, Android and Microsoft. Moreover, it is easy to configure. All the hardware devices can communicate wirelessly with no need of messy wires and cables to connect to your POS system.

Customer Service

We work hard to provide assistance to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dedicated team is here for you to troubleshoot any problems in person or remotely. With quick response times and friendly service, our customer care team is hard to beat.

Data Privacy Law & Security

Our Team ensure data privacy for all customers, patients and all records are kept confidential, protected by the Canadian Privacy Laws, Privacy Act, Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). These standards are fully supported by Microsoft Azure in their local Canadian data centers.

On-Site Training

Our certified training specialists have the knowledge and insight it takes to ensure that your investment in the POS system is backed by superior product and usability training, equipping you the full power of the TechPOS system.

Data Recovery & Backup

It is crucial to back up your data regularly as this is the heart of your business. We offer regular data backups and restore to avoid any data loss in your business. To ensure that your data is stored in a safe location, look no further than our 100% guaranteed secure and encrypted data using latest Microsoft technologies.

CRA & Gov’t Compliance

TechPOS (POS for Dispensary) system is using a novel engine to cover the business rules that CRA has regulated and governed per each province. The system captures the sales taxes to facilitate the process of filing GST collection.
TechPOS system is pioneer in pursuing compliance procedures to ensure that recreational marijuana products can be tracked in the regulated market. This compliance is about tracking who has supplied the cannabis product to a particular store, which percentage was purchased by whom. In TechPOS, we call this compliance C-METRC (also referred to as METRC in some states in USA).

Free Data Import

No matter which POS system you are currently using, we offer FREE Data Import without any interruptions to your business. Either your current POS system supports exporting your existing data or our data entry experts have to manually enter them to our system. This process increases the productivity of your business by continuing your day-to-day sales instead of allocating your staff to reenter the existing data.

24/7 Customer Service

Our inventory system is designed based on the architecture of warehouse systems that are capable of processing millions of transactions in real-time with no problem.
It has four levels of transfers which manage the products from the time it is arrived to the store to the time that is processed and is gone out of the store. It forecasts when to order items that are out of stock or the items that are frequently ordered using advanced machine learning techniques.