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Cannabis POS Store Security Requirements in BC

By July 6, 2019Techpos_laws

A cannabis retail store must, at a minimum, have the following security requirements:

1. Intruder and fire monitoring alarm systems
2. Locked retail product display cases
3. Locked cannabis storage room
4. Secure perimeter door locks
5. Security cameras with full unobstructed view of:
a. the retail sales area
b. any product storage area
c. both the interior and exterior of all store entrances/exits.

The cameras must be active and recording at all times, including when your store is not open for business. Licensees
must store security camera footage for at least 30 days after recording.

Licensees must post a written notice in the retail sales area informing their patrons that video surveillance is being used
on the premises. This notice must be visible at all times.

Licensees must provide a copy of security camera footage to LCRB at any time for use in investigating possible
contraventions of the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act, its regulations, and/or these terms and conditions.

Security camera footage may also be used by LCRB at enforcement hearings held under the CCLA.

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