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Click and Collect services existed long before the initial COVID-19 lockdowns. Still, this approach to e-commerce has exploded since March 2020, especially for Canadian cannabis retailers. Click and Collect cannabis became one of the only legal ways for Canadian consumers to access pot when they needed it most.

This emerging sales trend is the perfect add-on to expand on other approaches within an omnichannel strategy. It’s fast, it’s easy, and has a much lower overhead than other options, like delivery. 

Its value for both consumers and clients is one of the major reasons why we’ve added several Click and Collect integrations into the TechPOS system. If you’ve ever wondered if there is any real business benefit to an additional sales channel, you’ll find our arguments below. 

Click and Collect Cannabis 101

Also called “buy online, pick up in store” (BOPIS), it is a shopping method that combines online shopping with in-store pickup. Customers browse your online shop, add products to their cart, and click the option to pick up at their local storefront during checkout.

Where is click and collect legal in Canada? Provincial regulators allow for Click & Collect across the board in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon. Provincially run stores are the only designed online order retailers in Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. 

The Value Add of Click and Collect for Cannabis Retailers

The number of shoppers buying online and collecting later may never outnumber those preferring in-store experiences. However, there is still a growing demographic of customers who prefer to order via Click & Collect — especially in places without delivery.

As a pillar within a broader omnichannel sales funnel, Click and Collect is an advantageous tactic for retailers and increases customer satisfaction, sales, and more. Here is why.

1. A Fast Shopping Solution Appreciated by Customers Everywhere

Why do consumers love to shop online and pick up later? Because everyone is tight on time. Just like ordering groceries for pickup, or calling ahead for takeaway dinner, ordering cannabis in advance shaves off time in everyone’s far-too-hectic weekday schedule.

Yes, there will always be a core demographic who love to browse in person, but according to a Bell and Howell survey, 56 percent of people like click and collect because it’s a “quick in-and-out experience.” Another 22 percent said they love it because it skips the line.

2. Makes Age Verification Less Complicated

For regulated industries like cannabis and alcohol, the delivery model isn’t as simple as a pizza or grocery order. Cannabis retailers know all too well how critical it is to verify customer age before every transaction. 

The BOPUS model ensures that you are still accountable for the age check. Not only are ages verified within the customer’s online profile, but they are also double-checked upon pick up. Click and Collect is inherently compliant in this regard.

3. Customers Get First Access to New Product Launches

As per St. Albert Today, a news outlet in Alberta, an e-commerce sales channel provides a way for shoppers to grab the latest product releases.

A Plantlife representative interviewed for the piece said, “I think also cannabis consumers like perusing products online and just peeking through and seeing what’s available. And I mean, everybody, cannabis consumers are really excited and curious about all the new stuff.”

Click and Collect, in combination with smart email marketing and social media promotion, could increase sales for new and hot ticket cannabis products just about to hit the shelves. 

If you market that super-hyped new edible or vape pen through an email marketing campaign, customers can take immediate action. They can hold and purchase that item for pickup, rather than waiting — and likely forgetting— to check it out whenever they are in store next.

4. More Cost-Effective than Delivery Services

When legalized everywhere, cannabis delivery will likely form a large portion of sales. But this comes at a cost for both the customer and the retailer. Why? Someone will have to cover the costs of the delivery staff, vehicles, and fuel for every order made. 

Online pickup orders are much more cost-effective for everyone because there is no delivery overhead. Customers save on delivery fees, and retailers save on labour and equipment costs. It’s a win-win.

Click and Collect Cannabis Is a Sales Tactic within an Omnichannel Strategy 

Logically, the more channels through which your customers can buy your products, the better. Click and Collect offers cannabis consumers a fast, simple, and line-free way to buy. You also see lower overhead and save your staff’s valuable service counter time as a retailer.

Online shopping with pickup is a valuable component of a broader omnichannel sales strategy. It is especially valuable for you in areas where cannabis delivery is not possible.  

TechPOS: Click & Collect Made Easy

TechPOS makes the customer journey simple and easy. Thanks to an ever-expanding number of Click & Collect integrations, including Leafly, Woocommerce, Buddi, and Dutchie, TechPOS provides your customers with an omnichannel user experience by synchronizing your retail inventory to your website in real time.

Want to learn more? Connect with us today for a demo of the TechPOS e-commerce solutions. 



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