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This just in: You can now get cannabis delivered in BC through Canada Post! In July, the BC government announced it was expanding the number of delivery options for the cannabis industry. The most significant change was for recreational cannabis deliveries via good-old-fashioned mail. Aka legal mail order marijuana.

Despite the proliferation of illicit mail-order marijuana in Canada, this opportunity has been out of scope for licensed retailers. But now, BC is attempting to combat this lingering black market competition with new delivery prospects. And should this program work, more provinces will likely follow suit. 

If you are a cannabis retailer in BC (and beyond), you need to take note. This change represents a massive opportunity. 

New Delivery Rules in BC: Legal Mail Order Marijuana

On July 8th, 2022, BC opened up recreational cannabis delivery beyond the private in-person delivery services already operated by a handful of stores. The new changes make it legal for any licensed recreational store to sell cannabis online and ship it through Canada Post (or other delivery services).

The rules specify that the delivery address must be in BC, the receiver must be 19 years or older, and a name and signature are required on receipt. Residents are still only allowed to purchase a maximum of 30 grams (or equivalent) at once.

Canada Post will likely become the go-to option for most licensed retailers broadening their scope of delivery, but other delivery services are included in this change. These include the likes of FedEx, Purolator, UPS, Shift, and Uber.

Canada Post Delivery Means More Options for Consumers

Legal mail-order marijuana likely won’t become the go-to option for cannabis consumers in large metropolitan regions like Vancouver simply because they already enjoy excellent access and choice. But for those BC residents living in more rural areas, this regulatory shift will significantly impact when and what they can buy.

Now, if someone lives in an area with no cannabis store or limited options, they can order online from the store of their choice — even if it’s hundreds of miles away. That translates into more selection, better prices, and safer access.

Mail Order Marijuana is Better for Licensed Businesses

From the retailer’s perspective, it’s also a long-awaited improvement. As Jaclynn Pehota, executive director of the Retail Cannabis Council of BC, told BIV, “This is a significant tool for our members. Government heard our request and responded. Knowing that the government supports and is creating parity within the legal cannabis industry will help retailers thrive.”

Instead of focusing on a hyper-local market, as a retailer, you now have access to the entire province. This massive marketing opportunity was unheard of only a few months ago. 

It’s also a big win for the legal industry. Mail-order marijuana has been an ongoing issue for regulators and licensed retailers since the launch of recreational cannabis in 2018. For years, online black market stores have pulled Canadians away from the regulated market, often offering higher (illegal) potencies at bargain basement prices. 

But this online market dominance is about to change — at least in BC. For the first time, licensed retailers can compete against the illicit mail-order marijuana market so long as they are set up to do so.

Get Ready to Launch Your Online Store

How can you capitalize on this new opportunity in BC? First, you’ll need to set up an online store, and then set up a seamless shipping system. 

Many cannabis stores in BC already have an eCommerce portal for Click-and-Collect and private deliveries. Leafly, Buddi, Dutchie, and WooCommerce are just some of the cannabis-friendly platforms supporting online cannabis sales.

The second step is to support your online store with a shipping solution that helps you ramp up online sales without additional back-end headaches. 

The TechPOS ecosystem comes fully integrated with Machool, a software that brings all your shipping needs into one place. Machool ensures you get the cheapest rate, can quickly print labels, and can import your accounts into a cohesive system. It’s a solution that makes shipping easy. Thanks to integrations with 15 service providers, including Canada Post, FedEx, Uber, Rivo, Flashbox, and more. 

Plus, Machool is based right here in BC!

Start Shipping Cannabis in BC Today with TechPOS

TechPOS is your all-in-one omnichannel solution that makes it easy to move with the ever-changing regulations. We are a small team of innovators striving to make life easier for cannabis retailers across North America. 

Whether that means express checkout options for busy urban locations, mail-order marijuana shipping solutions for BC retailers, or cross-platform inventory management that updates in real-time — TechPOS is designed to streamline all your business processes.

Curious about how we can help you succeed? Schedule a demo today.


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