Increase the revenue of your Cannabis Store by selling both online and in store.

Improve sales and reduce costs with express checkout.

Cannabis POS - expresscheckout

Web Menu for Cannabis Retail

✔ Same Product both Online & in Store
⦁ Showcase your products online and in store with minimum setup..
⦁ Connect your physical store to digital world.
✔ No need for web developer.
✔ Connect your physical store to your online store!
✔ Update product info once and in one place!
⦁ Don’t call your web developer to change a price, image or text of your products.

Express Checkout for Cannabis Retail

✔ Shorten your purchase time using TechPOS’s cannabis express checkout.
✔ Decrease Waiting Time.
✔ Boost Customer Satisfaction.

Cannabis POS
Speed up purchase process. Boost customer experience. Increase sales and revenue.