Express Checkout

If you maintain a small physical space, see long lineups, have an extensive product menu , or simply want to deliver knowledgeable service, Express Checkout is your solution.

Deliver Knowledgeable Service

Boost customer satisfaction by helping members make educated decisions based on flavor, mood or potencies.
⦁ Recommend compatible and similar items
⦁ Help budtenders with a go-to-resource or product information
⦁ Convey up-to-date consistent product info across all you channel
⦁ Empower customers to learn independently at their own pace

Increase in-store Sales

Sell fast, sell more. Speed up purchase process and complete more transactions in any set period. Accelerate purchase process while providing a customer-friendly up-to-date information. Let customers browse your full menu and order at their own pace.

Reduce Costs

Reduce the need for lengthy customer-staff engagements while increasing the staff efficiency and reducing costs. Use digital formats to eliminate printing costs and lower space requirements for checkout counter. Optimize your business and increase your margin.

Consistent Product Data across all Mediums

In-store and online, instantly reflect inventory and product changes through an integrated solution.

Prepopulate Cannabis Database

Start using the system immediately with prepopulated Cannabis products database for each province.

Customized for your Brand

Your brand should be in the front line of the customer mind. Customize look and feel of TechPOS Express Checkout to create a cohesive retail experience.