Express Checkout

Our fully integrated Express Checkout kiosks help retailers better manage peak hour volumes and streamline congestion at checkout.

Engage your customers to self-service their inquiries and place orders in their own time & space; freeing up your budtenders in the process!

Get Your Express Checkout

We have been using TechPOS systems since 2017 and we are very happy with their products, services and training. The system is designed for Cannabis Retail Stores, so the learning curve for bud-tenders is almost nothing. Scanning the products by barcode scanner to find, sell, or refund is a very helpful feature that saves us tons of time.

Motacan Compassion SocietyOwner

Cannabis Express Checkout

Contactless Kiosks

Expand consumer confidence & safety by offering a contactless way for customers to discover & purchase their next order by budget, category, weight, potency, flavours, terpenes, and now, even moods!

Upsell more products with our Recommendation Engine

Support your budtenders with a self-service options for customers

Seamlessly communicate up-to-date product information across all your channels.

Increase customer stickiness by creating a unique in-store experience

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