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After the decriminalization of cannabis, the industry has experienced exponential growth and continues to expand aggressively. As a result, there are many ways to enhance the cannabis retail sector, including your customer service.

As a fast-growing industry with many opportunities, that also entails a lot of competition for your cannabis store. So aside from providing top-tier products that are high demand on the market, the customer’s experience when visiting your store plays a key role in the success of your business. A valuable tool that can improve the customer service in your dispensary is a queued management system.

The importance of queued management in your store.
As noted, the customer experience is a crucial factor in the success of your business. If your queues are managed poorly, customers can experience long wait times which may lead to walkouts, meaning a loss in revenue for your store. Moreover, a negative experience in your dispensary could not only lose a sale from that individual customer, but may also lead to a loss in any future sales from potential customers due to a negative word-of-mouth. With a queued management system, you will be able to efficiently manage traffic flow and ensure that each customer receives the help that they need in a systemized flow. Part of good customer service includes a seamless in-store experience, which also involves an organized queuing system as well as reasonable wait times. Implementing express checkout devices will help to streamline the checkout process in your dispensary by allowing customers to place their own orders at their own pace without taking up unnecessary time from your budtenders. Not only will customers be able to purchase their cannabis goods with ease, but wait times will also be reduced as each order placed on the devices will be queued in chronological order.

Express Checkout.
TechPOS offers a fully integrated express checkout feature that can be managed directly within your POS system. Similarly to a self-service kiosk, these devices can be placed anywhere in your store that’s easily accessible for those entering your store. By granting customers the ability to place their own orders, wait times can be reduced and your queues will be organized chronologically to help your budtender serve each customer systematically. So, while implementing express checkouts to manage queues can boost the customer experience as an efficient tool that will also maintain long lineups in store, but they can also increase sales. Specifically, with the ability to speed up the checkout process for customers, selling fast equally leads to selling more products and thus boosting profit while also maintaining good customer service.

Customer Satisfaction.It’s clear that your customers are one of the key factors for the success of your business. With that being said, it’s important to keep them happy in order to establish frequent returning visits and thus, more sales at your store. Staying proactive with your customer service support will ensure a positive shopping experience for anyone coming in your dispensary, and even help develop strong relations with consumers. With a systematic queue set in place along with express checkout devices, long lineups can be managed and wait times reduced. Consequently, this well avoid the loss of a sale if a customer decides to leave instead of waiting a long time to receive service or purchase a product. Providing an effortless and positive shopping experience will also entice customers to come back to your store and build loyalty with your business.

In an ever-growing and competitive industry, it can be hard to stand out. Overall, it’s not necessarily just the products that will help your store, but also the experience each customer undergoes when visiting your dispensary. In other words, positive customer experiences are essential in helping a potential customer decide why they should support your business over any other cannabis retail store.

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