7 Factors To Consider Before Choosing a Cannabis POS System

By July 5, 2019Techpos_news

Stay Compliant

Protect Your License with Cannabis POS Software that is compliant with provincial and federal report.

Easy to Use

Overall, an easy to use system saves time in training and day to day sales process

Seed to Sale Tracking

The system should be able to track the lot number from the time the PO is placed to the time that transaction is completed without tracking the customer info.

Real-time Monitoring

At any given time you should be able to gain knowledge of what’s happening in your store and take immediate decisions based on that.

Cash Control

It’s crucial to know how much cash to start, cash to drop at a certain threshold and final cash out at the end of the shift. In conjunction, a report shows total cash collected per day, per week and per month.

Integrated Solution

A store needs more than just a POS. Ideally the system should manage not only sales and payment but also staff scheduling and Digital Signage.

A system that has various aspects of the store integrated saves time in the long run by Automation.

Campaign Management

To increase sales automated campaign management is a necessity. Your Saturdays sales are different than your Wednesday sales.